WEEK 4:  JUNE 24-28

As we continue to visit churches within the TEBA that are hosting a VBS event and hear that more children are receiving salvation and forgiveness in Christ, a thought continues to permeate: Do they realize how blessed they are to grow up in an environment of religious freedom where they can hear the truth of the gospel without fear of retribution from authorities and others?  

 Muslims across the world celebrated Eid-Al Adha just one week ago. For those that take the Hajj (pilgrimage to Mecca), a big part of that event is a day of fasting called the Day of Ararat. This is the day Muslims celebrate Allah completing his revelation to mankind, and it is Mohammad’s final sermon spot. Muslims take the day fasting and crying out in repentance and pleading for Allah to forgive their sin. Mohammad once told them whoever fasts on this day has their sins forgiven for last year and the following year. So, it is a critically important day in Islam. 

What incredible favor Almighty God has bestowed upon the Church! Forgiveness is available to anyone who repents and cries out to Jesus for forgiveness – not based on a specific day on the calendar – but at any moment for those with a contrite heart. May this truth cause us to press even further into a loving, holy God…and may that very same God grant salvation through Christ’s gospel to Muslims who earnestly seek Him this week.