WEEK 1:  JUNE 3-7

Over the last week, churches across the TEBA began to host VBS events. So far, hundreds of children and youth have come together to learn God’s word and share the gospel through different themes including Scuba and Breaker Rock Beach.

Your TEBA Team visited many VBS programs in the TEBA churches and experienced joyful sounds of children singing, shouting, laughing, and praising the name of Jesus. Please lift up prayers to our Father in Heaven for the souls of those children who experience repentance and saving faith this summer. Thank you to the dedicated volunteers who selflessly serve to that end.

The TEBA is happy to help arrange donations of decorations for churches in need. If your church has no further need for your VBS materials and designs, please let us know. Likewise, if your church is still searching for materials, stage designs, props, etc, please let us know, and we will connect you to one of these donating churches.