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    Category Title Author Type Available
    Bible StudiesChurch: Anticipating the Kingdom of God & Leaders Guide, TheBookyesview
    Bible StudiesFaith: At Work in Your RelationshipsKit (VHS & DVD)yesview
    Bible StudiesJesus, the Final DaysBookyesview
    Bible StudiesPassion + study guides (3 week study), TheDVDnoview
    Christian Living StudiesAuthentic Disciple - Personal JournalBook (2)yesview
    Christian Living StudiesDiscovering God's WillBookyesview
    Christian Living StudiesExtreme Love: The Greatest CommandmentBookyesview
    Christian Living StudiesFinding Joy at Work: A Revolutionary Approach to Fun on the JobVHSyesview
    Christian Living StudiesGeneration to GenerationVHS / DVD yesview
    Christian Living StudiesGreat Commandment Ministry WorkbookBookyesview
    Church & Ministry1994 ChoicesBookyesview
    Church & Ministry1995 ChoicesBookyesview
    Church & Ministry1996 ChoicesBookyesview
    Church & Ministry1997 ChoicesBookyesview
    Church & Ministry1998 ChoicesBookyesview
    Church & Ministry1999 ChoicesBookyesview
    Church & Ministry2000 ChoicesBookyesview
    Church & MinistryAdult Bible Fellowship ManualBooknoview
    Church & MinistryBroken Trust: Confronting Clergy Sexual MisconductBookyesview
    Church & MinistryChildren in Action (Fall 2006)bookyesview
    Church & MinistryChildren in Action (Winter 2006/07)bookyesview
    Church & MinistryGuidebook for Planning Church Recreation FacilitiesBookyesview
    Church & MinistryLeadership: Win 2008Bookyesview
    Church & MinistryMetamorphosis (Children's Ministry)Booknoview
    Church & MinistryMobilizing Believers Now: The Leadership Development MinistryKit (VHS & DVD)yesview
    Church & MinistryOn Mission Church: Complete Planning, TheKit (VHS & DVD)yesview
    Church & MinistryPastor Selection Committee, TheBooknoview
    Church & MinistryPrayer & Discipleship Conference 2008CDyesview
    Church & MinistrySafe Travel SolutionsDVDyesview
    Church & MinistryTeaching ThemBookyesview
    Church & MinistryTravel SafeDVDyesview
    Cults, Sects, & Other ReligionsCult TracksTractsyesview
    Cults, Sects, & Other ReligionsCults: The True Story of One Man's Decent into the Snares of Deception, TheVHS/DVDyesview
    Cults, Sects, & Other ReligionsDo we need more than the Bible? Comparing Mormonism w/ChristianityVHS/DVDyesview
    Cults, Sects, & Other ReligionsTemple of the God MakersVHS/DVDyesview
    Cults, Sects, & Other ReligionsUnderstanding IslamVHSyesview
    Doctrine & TheologyAncient Secrets of the BibleVHS / DVD yesview
    Doctrine & TheologyBaptist History & HeritageBookyesview
    Doctrine & TheologyBaptist History, Distinctives, RelationshipsBookyesview
    Doctrine & TheologyBible - AmplifiedBookyesview
    Doctrine & TheologyBible - CambodianBookyesview
    Doctrine & TheologyBible - Chinese (5)Bookyesview
    Doctrine & TheologyBible - KJVBookyesview
    Doctrine & TheologyBible - Portuguese (New Testament Only)Bookyesview
    Doctrine & TheologyBible - Rainbow Study KJVBookyesview
    Doctrine & TheologyBible - Vietnamese (2)Bookyesview
    Doctrine & TheologyConcepts Vital to our Baptist HeritageBooknoview
    Doctrine & TheologyDiscovering the Biblical JesusBookyesview
    Doctrine & TheologyEveryday Bible, The (NCV)Bookyesview
    Doctrine & TheologyForged by Faith: A History of the Southern Baptist Convention, The Early YearsDVDyesview
    Doctrine & TheologyFoundational TruthsBookyesview
    Doctrine & TheologyHistory of Mexican Baptists in Texas,ABookyesview
    Doctrine & TheologyRole of Women in Baptist History, TheBookyesview
    EvangelismAdult Roman Road Witness Training VideoVHS/DVDyesview
    EvangelismConducting Effective Crusades: The Billy Graham ModelVHSyesview
    EvangelismConfronting Life Issues: Can men & women speak the same language?VHS/DVDyesview
    EvangelismConfronting Life Issues: Do you speak with subtitles?VHS/DVDyesview
    EvangelismConfronting Life Issues: How can I hear from God?VHS/DVDyesview
    EvangelismConfronting Life Issues: How can you communicate with the E-generation?VHS/DVDyesview
    EvangelismConfronting Life Issues: How does the Bible speak to my needs?VHS/DVDyesview
    EvangelismConfronting Life Issues: Is Jesus the Only way to Heaven?VHS/DVDyesview
    EvangelismConfronting Life Issues: What do you see in your mirror?VHS/DVDyesview
    EvangelismConfronting Life Issues: What ever happened to the family?VHS/DVDyesview
    EvangelismConfronting Life Issues: What if I don't feel like forgiving?VHS/DVDyesview
    EvangelismConfronting Life Issues: What if it seems like God has forgotten me?VHS/DVDyesview
    EvangelismConfronting Life Issues: What's so Great about Heaven?VHS/DVDyesview
    EvangelismConfronting Life Issues: Where is God when I need Him?VHS/DVDyesview
    EvangelismConfronting Life Issues: Why is society morally bankrupt?VHS/DVDyesview
    EvangelismDisciples Not Just DecisionsVHS / DVD yesview
    EvangelismEvangeCube: Complete church training kitManualyesview
    EvangelismHe did this Just for YouBooknoview
    EvangelismHow you can: Be a Fruitful WitnessVHS/DVDyesview
    EvangelismHow you can: Be Sure you are a ChristianVHS/DVDyesview
    EvangelismHow you can: Experience God's love & forgivenessVHS/DVDyesview
    EvangelismHow you can: Experience the Adventure of GivingVHS/DVDyesview
    EvangelismHow you can: Fulfill the Great CommissionVHS/DVDyesview
    EvangelismHow you can: Introduce others to ChristVHS/DVDyesview
    EvangelismHow you can: Love by FaithVHS/DVDyesview
    EvangelismHow you can: Pray with ConfidenceVHS/DVDyesview
    EvangelismHow you can: Walk in the SpiritVHS/DVDyesview
    EvangelismJesusVHS (16)yesview
    EvangelismLottie Moon Christmas Offering Media KitDVDyesview
    EvangelismPeople Sharing Jesus (2)Bookyesview
    Hispanic ResourcesAmos Arrepentimiento o RuinaBookyesview
    Hispanic ResourcesEl Trueno ApacibleBooknoview
    Hispanic ResourcesHay Esperanza: Cristo se interesa por tiBookyesview
    Hispanic ResourcesJesus SalvaBookyesview
    Hispanic ResourcesManual del MinistroBookyesview
    Hispanic ResourcesPavestones: Adult SS Taining VideoVHSyesview
    Hispanic ResourcesTeamkid: Dia a DiaBookyesview
    Pastoral Resources2011 Church & Clergy (RESOURCE - not for check out)view
    Pastoral ResourcesChurch Leaders Under Fire: Family PrioritiesVHS/DVDyesview
    Pastoral ResourcesChurch Leaders Under Fire: For Ministers OnlyVHS/DVDyesview
    Pastoral ResourcesChurch Leaders Under Fire: Moral PurityVHS/DVDyesview
    Pastoral ResourcesChurch Leaders Under Fire: Sources of ConflictVHS/DVDyesview
    Pastoral ResourcesKeeping Your Church out of CourtBookyesview
    Pastoral ResourcesNext Church 2001 Leadership ConferenceCassettesyesview
    Pastoral ResourcesPastor to Pastor: Exploring Challenges Beyond the PulpitCassettesyesview
    Pastoral ResourcesPastor to Pastor: Anticipating and Preparing for RevivalCassettesyesview