LEADERSHIP MATTERS by Roger Yancey, D.Min.

No one comes to serve in a church with the hope and dream of seeing it plateau, decline, or die.

 The hope of every minister is to see the works of God occur in the life of a congregation.  Prayers are voiced and ministry invested into the lives of a congregation so a community can be reached, and lives transformed.  The desire to be part of a healthy congregation is real but there is another reality more than 80% of churches must face – they are plateaued, declining, or dying.  Across the SBC this is a growing reality according to Lifeway statistics.

This means the majority of those attending one of our SBC churches each Sunday are sitting down to worship in a church where they have not seen the church grow in a healthy way as disciples of Christ which resulted in reaching the 

people of their community.  While the population of the TEBA is growing exponentially, many of our churches are stymied in their efforts to grow and be healthy congregations. 

So, what can a church who wants to get healthy do? 

You can choose to get help. On March 22 & 23 you can be part of the Revitalize, Replant, Recover Church Summit hosted at FBC Willis.  This Summit will be led by Mark Clifton and Kyle Bueermann of the North American Mission Board.  You will learn how to be a healthier church by understanding and implementing revitalization principles based upon God’s Word and proven practices.

 Why not take the step?  Be part of this Summit with a group of your church leadership.  It’s a choice that can lead to breaking out of the 80% and moving your church to a healthier future.  https://teba.org/church-summit-2024/ 

In Kingdom service,

Executive Director, AMS