LEADERSHIP MATTERS by Roger Yancey, D.Min.

Sometimes you just need to let some things go.

This past August we moved into a different home and with the transition we had the opportunity to evaluate what we would keep and what needed to find a new home.  Having been part of transitioning homes of two sets of parents, we are particularly mindful that what may be important to you will one day be on the discard pile of your children.

But some things can be hard to let go of, they have memories attached, they represent a particular event or time in your life, or they may be a reminder of God’s provision in your life.  One of those reminders of God’s faithfulness has been in the garages of our various homes for the last 28 years.  It was a small wooden chest of drawers with streaky orange paint covering the original beige color.  It wasn’t alone.  It was part of a set of 3 chests of drawers that moved over the years from inside use to outside storage.  They didn’t match, but I didn’t need them to as their purpose was served by what they could hold.  One was brown, one was white, and the other orange. 

My wife preferred I would opt to get a more uniform look to the garage motif.  I liked what each of them reminded me of.  The brown one was originally part of the furniture she had from when I met her in college – it reminded me of those days we had together falling in love and growing together.  The white bureau was a convertible changing table with three drawers below it which we bought together when we learned we were becoming parents.  There were many prayers spoken standing at that white bureau over our son and from time to time I would be reminded of how precious it was to see so many of those prayers answered.  The streaky orange one had its own history.  It was a reminder of God’s provision.

It was 28 years ago when I left the church plant we had begun in the DFW area and was on my way to begin a pastorate in San Antonio.  While we waited for the sale of our home my family stayed behind and I moved into an unfurnished apartment during the transition.  I didn’t need much in the way of furnishings, but I considered it would be helpful to have something to put clothes and other items in.  Money was tight and I was hopeful I could locate something suitable when I reached San Antonio.  It was 6:00 AM when I pulled into the parking lot of a shopping center to pick up a coffee and was praying about the trip to San Antonio and the need for a bureau.  And then I saw it.  Standing alone in a vast empty parking lot – a streaky orange chest of drawers.  With no donation station in sight, it had been abandoned by its owner and was now sitting discarded.  Trash to them but treasure to me.  I had asked God to provide, and He did.  I just didn’t remember to specify the color. 

For years to come, I would pray for God’s provision in many situations and would find when I walked into the garage and saw that physical reminder of how He took care of even the smallest need.  It was hard to contemplate letting go of that reminder, but it was time.  On a Friday night before the waste folks came on Saturday, I placed all three bureaus at the curb for pick up.  Before the truck came, they were gone, with new owners who found them useful, perhaps even an answer to prayers. 

Sometimes you just need to let some things go.  In church life, just as in our daily lives, we need never mistake the reminders of God’s provision for the essentials of God’s intention.  Change is part of life.  It’s part of the life of every church.  But in the midst of change, we get to know and serve the unchanging God of creation.  We hold onto Him and Him alone.

In Kingdom service,

Executive Director ~ AMS

Ecclesiastes 3:1

For everything there is a season, and a
time for every matter under heaven…