LEADERSHIP MATTERS by Roger Yancey, D.Min.

Where do you go if you are wrestling through a call to ministry?  What if you are unsure but want to take concrete steps toward discovering if God may be calling you to serve in either Co-Vocational or Full-time Ministry?  What if you want to be a lay minister but are unsure about how to develop your skill sets?

The ministry leadership within the churches of the TEBA have joined together to provide a training opportunity beginning in the fall of 2024.  This fall you can join with others around the Association to be part of Ministry 101 which is a 12-week session covering ministry basics.  There will be an additional offering in the spring of 2025 called Ministry 201 which will address additional areas of ministry focus.  A participant can become part of the process either at the beginning of Ministry 101 or 201.  The sessions will be held from 6:30 to 9:00 pm on Monday evenings at the TEBA with participants encouraged to come as early as 6:00 pm with their meal to gather and fellowship with others.

The sessions will be led by ministry leaders throughout the TEBA, and participants will be exposed to a host of leaders. To join the cohort, a participant will need to be recommended by their pastor or church leadership, submit their registration form, and pay $69 for the 12-week session.  In return, the participant will receive materials and books worth far more than the registration fee.  This low cost is made possible by the underwriting from the TEBA family of churches.  Also, many churches are willing to sponsor a participant’s cost as a way of helping them develop in ministry.  Those who complete the 12-week sessions will be awarded a certificate of completion.


Character & Calling – Developing an undivided heart to love God fully and discover His calling on your life.

Spiritual Disciplines – How to develop the disciplines that will build the depth of your walk with Jesus.

Basic Doctrine – Understanding the core Doctrines that shape the church and the people within.

Discipleship – What is Discipleship and how to build, implement, and multiply a Discipleship model in the church.

Bible Study – Basics of Hermeneutics and the Application of Biblical principles to daily living and church life.

Working with People – How to discover, grow, build, and release a team for healthy ministry growth.

Conflict Management – How to deal with differences and understanding Biblical principles for dealing with conflict.

Ministry Pathways – Understanding the various ministry pathways in a church such as Children’s, Students, and others.

Pipeline / Leadership Development – How to build a robust process of identifying and training leaders in a church.

Visional and Strategy Planning – How to move together as a people of God to the Vision of God for a church.

Missional Engagement – Understanding a church’s missional engagement and moving it forward to its next step.

Emotional Healthy Person – How to develop a healthy work-life balance in the whirlwind of ministry.


Message / Bible Study Planning – How to develop a healthy balance of teaching God’s Word.

Who’s on First? – Understanding and operating within Church Governance: Business Meetings and Operations

Basic Administration – Staying inside the lines / Policies & Procedures / Church Security & other concerns.

Stewardship – Understanding how to build a budget and lead people to mature in their stewardship.

Need to Know – Ordinances / Hospital Visits / Pastoral Care / Deacon Ministry.

Worship Planning & Process / Working with Paid and Volunteer Worship Teams.

Understanding Your Community and Church’s Culture – Community demographics and exegeting your church.

Developing Vision, Mission, & Values for Church – Understanding God’s Unique Calling for a Church.

Developing Priorities for Your Church Body – How to build a Holy Spirit-led model of ministry.

Leadership Styles – How you can understand and grow in your leadership style and staff development.

Building, Developing, & Shepherding Your Staff – How to care for those who are paid or lay leaders within the church.

Hot Button Issues / SBC Partnership – Two Baptists, three opinions, what now?

Begin to pray now if you or someone you know would benefit from this training.  Registration information will be found in upcoming Newsletters. 

In Kingdom service,

Executive Director ~ AMS

Work hard so you can present yourself to God and receive his approval. Be a good worker, one who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly explains the word of truth.

2 Timothy 2:15 NLT

*Topics for Ministry 101 and 201 are subject to finalization upon the beginning of each 12-week session.