Leadership Development

Intentional Processes to empower leaders for greater impact.

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Spiritual Retreats are offered to assist ministry staff in their own spiritual development.

  • Pastor Prayer and Planning Retreat
  • Pastor & Wife Retreat
  • Sabbatical Assistance for CoVocational Pastors
  • Sabbatical Resources for Full Time Ministers


Understanding your personal leadership style is a vital part of growing in your ministry. The TEBA provides access to a number of resources including:

Ministry Insights Profile

Ministry Insights

Birkman Profile

Birkman logo

Ministry Advantage Coaching

Ministry Advantage


Team Based Communication

By understanding your individual spiritual gifts and your personality and leadership strengths you can discover the power of Team Based Communication.

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Team Based Communication

Church & Organizational Leadership

God Dreams

Do you struggle to gain traction for growth?
A God Dreams retreat is a simple and powerful time of visionary planning that will re-energize and refocus your church. The Horizon Storyline tool empowers leaders to connect short-term action steps with long-range dreams, while leveraging the power of storytelling to make the plan stick. Schedule your retreat today with a Certified Auxano Navigator.

God Dreams

Church Unique

Feel like your church has no clear focus?
Still looking for that new program to help your church grow? Church Unique shows church leaders how to identify and unlock their congregationā€™s individual identity as a tool for unleashing their one-of-a-kind potential for the Kingdom. You will learn what gives you energy and keeps you focused on what you must do day by day, and what preferred future that leads to. Your Church Unique journey will be led by a Certified Auxano Navigator.

Church Unique

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