LEADERSHIP MATTERS by Roger Yancey, D.Min.

Do you want to be a more effective servant leader?  I believe most church leaders want to be growing leaders.  We know the scripture is the foundation for building the ethic and character of true leadership.  Many times, I have been reading a secular book on leadership and have seen principles from the Bible referenced directly or indirectly in the pages of the text.

 That came to mind when reading an article online by Larry Buhl regarding “Soft Skills” which employers find valuable in candidates for open positions in their companies.  As I reviewed these qualities, I saw they would be desirable in our church leadership too.  As you read the information below reflect on how you’re doing on your “Soft Skill” development. 

Leadership/Team Building. Can you build a team?  Servant-Leaders need to be able to recruit and equip a team to “do the work of ministry” so the ministry can grow to its full potential.  Too often leaders will falter in creating a team and try to accomplish all the work themselves.  This solo effort will often cause a loss of effectiveness and leader burnout.

 Team Player. Do you know how to play well with others in the sandbox?  Servant Leaders must model good team behaviors including shared leadership if we are going to build strong team members.  It is important to let others lead out in the areas of their expertise and to not be a “minimizing” expert on everything.

 Goal-Oriented Self-Starter. Do you work hard without direct supervision?  More importantly, do you work on the right things at the right time or do you just stay busy without effectiveness?  Servant leaders stay focused on the “main things” so they don’t lose sight of the goals which move the ministry forward.

 Excellent Communicator. Everyone in ministry needs to be able to “write a coherent memo or email, give clear verbal instructions, and help meetings run smoothly” not to mention present information in a clear and precise manner.  The only thing worse than pointless preaching is “long” pointless preaching.

 Flexibility/Multi-Tasking Ability. Can you handle the varied duties of ministry?  Most of us will never be in a place where all we ever have to do are the things for which we have passion.  We are required to cope with having many ministry plates spinning at one time.

 Sense of Humor. Not taking yourself too seriously is appreciated by the other members of our team and the congregations we serve.  Knowing how to lighten up a tough situation when appropriate is always appreciated.  Ministry is too hard to not learn how to laugh…Jesus did.

In Kingdom service,

Executive Director, AMS

As iron sharpens iron,

So one person sharpens another.

Proverbs 27:17 NASB